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Gwalior -- Situated on the northernmost fringe of the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh , barely 120 km south of Agra and five hours from Delhi, Gwalior is a perfect place to start a trip to central India. The magnificent Gwalior Fort, perched on an enormous rock massif, dominates the skyline of the city. Gwalior lived through Indian history, page by page. It was the seat of a powerful dynasty, ruled by great kings as the kingdom of Gwalior dominated the military and trade routes between north and south India.
The city has a strong cultural heritage with some of the finest Indian Classical musicians claiming it as home. The long tradition of Hindustani classical music spans medieval to modern times as it flourished under royal patronage. The eminent musicians associated with Gwalior include Tansen, one of Mughal Emperor Akbar's 'nine jewels' (17th century), vocalist Onkarnath Thakur (1897-1967) and 'sarod' maestro Amjad Ali Khan and his forefathers who trace their unbroken lineage three centuries back and whose sons enthrall audiences around the world with their musical heritage.
Tansen's Tomb, part of the city's living cultural heritage, is the venue for an All India annual Music Festival (November-December) when India's leading artistes gather to pay tribute to the greatest musician of all.

  • By Air -- There is now a daily flight between Delhi and Gwalior.
  • By Rail -- Gwalior is connected to Delhi, Agra and Jhansi by the super fast Shatabdi express train.
  • By Road -- Gwalior is 120 kms from Agra.

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