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Jaisalmer - The name Jaisalmer evokes a vivid picture of sheer magic and brilliance of the desert. Local colour and warmth prevail over the inhospitable and forbidding terrain, imbuing the medieval town with a special magic.

One of the main attractions is the imposing 12th century Jaisalmer fort. The beautiful havelis which were built by wealthy merchants of Jaisalmer are yet another interesting aspect of the desert city. And, of course, the romantic sand dunes, the best way of exploring them and the desert around being by way of a camel safari.

  • By Air -- Jaisalmer is currently not connected by air. The Jodhpur airport (290 kms) is the nearest and most convenient gateway for Jaisalmer.
  • By Rail -- Jaisalmer is connected to Jodhpur by day as well as overnight trains. There is also an overnight service from Jaipur, suitable for budget travellers only.
  • By Road -- It is well connected by good roads to Jodhpur (290 kms) and Bikaner (330 kms).

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