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Pench -- In nature lover's lingo Pench Tiger Reserve is God's own country. The Royal Bengal Tiger makes its home here in the enchanting pristine forests. Some call it "Kipling Country" as it in these jungles of Seoni that Mowgli the wolf child was discovered and the "Jungle Book" is based here. The wolf pack still resides here probably the first animal you see as you drive your way to the "Mowgli's Den". The park is rich in bio-diversity and the major Central Indian mammalian species thrive here. The avi-fauna is strikingly rich Orioles, Hornbills, Paradise Flycatchers, Tits, Warblers, Raptors, the list is endless. Reptiles like Monitor Lizard, Rat Snake, Leaf Nosed Vine Snake, Indian Python, Cobra, Krait and Russell's Viper are the shy denizens of the forests.

Insects are plenty full, and yet so much is to discovered in this yet unexplored paradise. Keep your ears and eyes open when you take a safari into the jungles for you know not what sights awaits you-a Tiger on a prowl or a Sambar stag wallowing in the mud, it could be a pack of wild dogs on a hunt or a Peacock dancing in the meadows.

  • By Air -- Pench is only 92 kms from Nagpur , which is connected to both Delhi and Mumbai by regular flights.
  • By Rail -- The closest main line Rail head for Pench is Nagpur (90 kms) which is an important junction on the North-South corridor with regular Super fast trains.
  • By Road -- Pench is about 150 kms from Kanha.

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