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Shimla - Situated at an altitude of approx. 6500 ft above sea level, is the capital of the North Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla was the former official summer capital of the Government of India right up until 1947, when India gained Independence.

Shimla was originally a small hill village named after the goddess Shamla Devi, a manifestation of Kali. Discovered by the British in 1819, it became a popular refuge from the heat of the plains of North India. By 1830, it has become established as a favourite hill-station. In 1903, a railway line was laid, connecting it to the plains, and thus making it easily accessible. Shimla's salubrious climate helps make it a year-round destination.

  • By Air -- There is a small airport, 23 kms away from Shimla, that is served by seasonal flights from Delhi and Chandigarh, though most people tend to prefer Delhi as the flight gateway to Shimla.
  • By Rail -- There is a toy train that connects Kalka (the nearest mainline railway station, 100 kms away) to Shimla. Kalka, is connected by superfast trains to Delhi.
  • By Road -- Shimla is 375 kms from Delhi and 120 kms from Chandigarh.

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