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Goa Tour Packages - 12 nights/13 days

Destinations of Goa with South India Explored - Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Trichy – Mandurai – Perivar –Kumakarkom – Cochin

This is going towards the inner cities of Southern India, this will begin in Chennai, known as the port, which was supervised by the British India Company. Chennai is the huge city as it has lots of Mahabalipuram, Trichy and Madurai. It is also known as the French Colony of Pondicherry, which is famous for Auroville and Aurobindo Ashram. The tourists are also give a chance to see Kerala as it is beautiful, lots of back waters, good food and a quiet peace of life.

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Day 01

Arrive Chennai

Arrival in Chennai, and you will already be escorted to the nearest hotel of your choice.

Day 2

In Chennai

Discover San Thome Cathedral. This is a cathedral of the 16th Century Portuguese  Basilica, on which the apostle St. Thomas is laid.  It is known that St. Thomas the Apostle visited India in the 1st century.  Tours to St. Thomas Mount, the Little Mount Shrine, Fort St. George, Fort Museum and St. Mary's Church will be part of the itinerary. There are lots of objects in the museum for you to see.
A goodnight’s sleep in Chennai.

Day 3

Drive Chennai to Mahabalipuram (60 kms/1.5 hrs)

If you are curious ho a Tsunami destroys, you will pass by Mahabalipuran. It was a place which was severely destroyed by tsunami but was later on repaired. Visit Mahabalipuran hotel and you see some collector’s item monoliths rathas, a five rock carved temple chariots. The Hindu Mythology and stories like Panchtantra, Shore Temple and Cave Temple.
A goodnight's sleep will at the hotel.

Day 4

Tour Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry which is in two hours to cover ninety five kilometers.

Pondicherry is the next destination, this is a French colony. The people who reside here are rich in traditions. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a fun place with lots of things to see. Check Ashram’s successful paper factor. You will also be shown the Pondicherry Museum and Auroville!

Day 5

Drive Pondicherry to Trichy (255 kms/05 hrs)

The next stop over is a visit to Tanjore, known as the “Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu”. It is also known where the royalties stayed, especially the CHOLA EMPIRE. The whole country was ruled from 850 to 1270. They also visited the Brahadeeswarar Temple, which its World Heritage.

Day 6

Drive Trichy to Madurai (200 kms/05 hrs)

This is the day when you will see the Rock Fort Temple and Ranganathswanmy Temple. This is a place dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. It has lots of 21 towers. The tour in Mandurai will introduce you to the soul of the people of India, you will see the colorful temples like the Meenakshi Temple, with thousands of pillared halls and lots of carved columns.
Two nights will be spent in Mandurai to tour the place.

Day 7

Touring Madurai

The morning will be spent in sightseeing like the Meenakshi Temple. It has lots of Dravidian architecture; like the Tirumala Nayak Palace, and lots of buildings with its unique design. Lots of Alagar Hills and the discovery of Tirupara Kundran Rock Temple.

Day 8

Drive Madurai - Periyar (160 kms/04 hrs.)

Touring Periyar is the best place to see the Asian Elephants. You will check in the Periyar hotel with board and lodging facilities. Two nights will be spent in Periyar, to be able to see the best place located in this part of the country.

Day 9

Periyar Tour

Check on the place called Spice Plantation known for its tea, coffee cardamom and lots of medicines and spices. Take a whole night stopover in Periyar.

Day 10

Tour Periyar and Kumarakom with a 200 kms/04 hours drive.

Morning drive through tea and then rubber plantations, interspersed with small cardamom, coffee, ginger and pepper-growing estates to the tranquility of Kumarakom. Check in to your chosen retreat and enjoy the remainder of the day discovering nature's beauty at your own pace.
While spending time in India, you might as well taste the exotic tea while viewing rubber plantation, coffee, ginger, pepper growing estates, lots of coffee, in a silent place called Kumarakom. Enjoy nature’s beauty.

Day 11

Tour Kumarakom to Cochin (85 kms/02 hrs)

Tour Cochin, and have a stop over by two nights. Enjoy the facilities and explore the place, and see a dance known as Kathakali.

Day 12

Half a day in Cochin

Cochin includes Cochin Harbour with lots of fishing nets, you will also see Mattanc Cherry Dutch Palace. Imagine yourself stepping foot in a Jewish Synagogue and St. Francis Church, built initiated none other than Vasco Da Gama in the year 1510. Sleep tight in Cochin before departure the next day.

Day 13

Going back Home from Cochin

Your last day in India, you will be escorted to the International Airport to your flying back home.


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