Golden Triangle Tours

The Golden Triangle Tour is a classic introduction of India. Including the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, located roughly at 250 kms from each other, this tour circuit forms a triangle on the Indian map. Experience glorious Indian history & culture, awe at UNESCO World Heritage Sites and indulge in charming experiences of India. Trans India Holidays offers a selection of Golden Triangle tours for a memorable holiday in India.

The Golden Triangle tour itinerary starts with the capital of India- Delhi. The crowning glory is the fine co-existence of the bygone days with the fast-paced modern era. The exchange of rulers over eras has gifted the ‘city of cities’ a mix of culture, monuments, & traditions. Agra- home of the Taj Mahal is a reminiscence of the Mughal past with grandiose monuments and regal culture. Jaipur- the pink city of Rajasthan has a glorious past and several magnificent monuments whisper the celebrated past of the royal Rajputs of Rajasthan. Each of these cities have been witness to various episodes of Indian history. Their splendor and opulence can be seen till date in the form of architectural wonders. The vibrant culture, mouth-watering cuisines, lively markets, heritage walks, lavish hotels and more create unforgettable experiences.

The tours offer experiences of India that are second to none and the best feature; there are multiple opportunities to tailor the tour. Besides, the tour of the trio cities can be added with also offer the opportunity of wildlife expedition in Ranthambore, spiritual bliss of Varanasi, fun getaway in Goa, and so much more. Browse through our list of Golden Triangle Tour packages explore Indian vivacity at its best!